The Legal standing

Bespoke Celebrancy

your celebration, your way


At the moment we Celebrants cannot legally marry you in that it won't be legally recognised as it stands just now. however, this is something that we are trying to overturn. So, for the moment, you will have to have the “Legal” part done by a registrar and you can do this before your ceremony with me or afterwards. It is normal for couples not to exchange rings, or whatever token you chose, at this ceremony and leave that for the 'Actual' ceremony. What makes a ceremony legal is the use of the Declaratory worlds and the Contracting words The remainder of the service is purely ceremonial including the exchange of rings.


Declaratory words


“I do solemnly swear that I know of no lawful impediment why I… may not be joined in matrimony with…”


Contracting words


“I call on these persons present to witness that I… take thee… to be my lawful wedded wife/husband”