Bespoke Celebrancy

your celebration, your way


Why choose a Celebrant?

Not everyone wants to get married in a place of worship and not everyone wants to get married in a registry office as both of these options can limit what you want on your big day. There may be time constraints or a limit to the amount of guests you can have for example.


A celebrant can marry you anywhere ( although the legal part must be done by a registrar) if you want to get married in a field then we can do that, want to get married at your favourite football teams ground? We can do that too. We are not wedding planners we are responsible for the ceremony part of the day ( the important stuff!) We want you to have your big day ( regardless of what it is) the way you want it and we want it to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Why choose me as a Celebrant?

I will work my hardest to give you the ceremony you desire. We will work together in order to achieve this. I will listen to you in order to fully understand your wishes. I am an open minded person with an easy going personality, I am non-judgemental and I am capable of putting my own personal beliefs aside when needed. All of which mean I will not criticise your choices but I will make you a promise that I will make alternative suggestions if you have an idea that might not work. My desire to give you the best ceremony you can have will drive me too this.

What do you actually do?

It's my job to help you create the perfect ceremony and I will officiate it. Everything else, such as organising the venue and catering is all down to you. When you hire me you will get unlimited email contact, Phone, skype, facetime appointments, I will meet up with you at least 2 times before the event and we will organise rehearsal time.

Why opt for a Celebrant wedding etc.,?

A celebrant can give you exactly the ceremony you desire. If you're looking for a ceremony with a Sci-Fi theme then a Celebrant is the way to go, want to get married dressed in post war 1940s fashion?, then a celebrant is perfect for that. Our ceremonies are not legally binding therefore they can be performed at any location and need not be just done in a venue that has a wedding license. Many church weddings and those done in a registry office offer a very cut and paste sort of ceremony and can be very short. A Celebrant wedding can for anything from 20mins up to 2 hours and the ceremony is very much geared towards you so will be very individual and memorable.


You many not even want an actual legal wedding but still want a ceremony to seal your love in front of family and friends,a Celebrant wedding is ideal for this and it can be tailor made to suit your needs and wants.

How much do you charge?

I charge £400 for a wedding ceremony and £200 for baby/adult naming ceremonies. There will also be charges for travel expenses and hotel fees (if needed) Prices for other types of ceremonies will be on a case by case basis so, again, please feel free to ask.