Bespoke Celebrancy

your celebration, your way


Ritual ideas for your ceremony

There are many types of rituals that you can have performed during your ceremony that can be used to seal your love, some of these include:


Sand ceremony

Knot tying ceremony

quilt wrapping

unity candle

Hands ceremony

Rose ceremony

Ring warming

Wine box love letter

Earth mixing

Salt covenant

Broom jumping

Hand fasting


All of these are nice for your guests to watch and some, such as the ring warming, can actively get the guests involved. All are guaranteed to make your ceremony stand out and be talked about for years to come.

Types of Ceremonies I will do

I will happily do many types of ceremony, here is a list of a few I will do for you and will happily consider anything not mentioned.


. Wedding

. Same Sex wedding

. Comitment ceremony

. Baby naming

. A divorce

. A Graduation

. Adult naming i.e., for a Trans person changing names ( or anyone wishing to change names)